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Hi, I’m Toul founder of Free Resume Scanner, and it is a pleasure to meet you.

Like you, I’ve been there where you’re applying for hundreds of jobs to only receive the dreaded, automated e-mail response below:

Dear Toul, thank you for applying for the role but we've decided to move on with another candidate.
Mega Corp HR

That automated e-mail frustrated me to no end. So, I spent hundreds of hours researching why my Resume wasn’t working and figured out it was because of the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). The ATS is software that scans your resume and determines whether it gets seen by human eyes.

After, learning this I figured out all the hidden secrets the software uses to scan your resume to determine its fate. Those, ATS Scanner Secrets are what make up the sophisticated algorithm that powers

In fact, I’ve been approached by several fortune 500 companies to acquire the code but have declined each time. I don’t believe that job-seekers should have to pay tens to hundreds of dollars a month to get ats scanning software feedback. Especially, job-seekers like me who were first generation college students with immigrant parents that can’t afford the fees.

So, I’ve used my professional software engineering skills and countless hours to make FREE. Use it as much as you need to get that life changing interview.



P.S. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok