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Use LinkedIn so Recruiters can D.M. you (plus 10 Tips to optimize your LinkedIn)

You’ve done it. Your resume has been optimized. You’ve added all the tips by using free resume scans provided. But the recruiter can’t reach out to you in an effortless manner. Although it has been standard advice for ages to include your personal e-mail, nowadays, it better not too. This is because some places will sell your data, resulting in an inbox full of spam and potentially Phishing attacks. A phishing attack is where a malicious actor tries to trick you into clicking a link and entering your login information. So be safe and don’t include your personal e-mail.

Instead, use LinkedIn, which has advanced cybersecurity measures in place already. If you’re unsure about where to place your LinkedIn, then have no fear. We’ll show you.

Where to Place your LinkedIn on your Resume

Here’s my resume as an example. Notice that you do not need to put the full URL, e.g. instead, you may place only the, and it’ll be picked up by the ATS Scanning software.


B.S. Computer Science, University of Houston - Main Campus, December 2018

Python, GO, Docker, Kubernetes, KubeBench, DockerBench, KubeHunter, KOPS, Helm, Terraform, Terragrunt, Anchore, Veracode, Machine Learning

  * Open Source Resume Scanning Project built in GoLang and Deployed on AWS
  * Built a DevSecOps Pipeline through GitHub Actions to reduce likelihood of exploits making it to production
  * Implemented a WAF to further protect web application

  * Open Source repository that shows how to create a free DevSecOps Pipeline through GitHub Actions
  * Added OWASP Dynamic Application Scanning
  * Demonstrates a Dockerized GoLang application deployment to AWS ElasticBeanstalk
  * Where I blog about technlogy

DevOps Engineer, H.P., Inc., Houston, TX, 2018-2022

Terragrunt Infrastructure Pipeline
  * Enabled 200+ developers to provision any piece of AWS infrastructure they needed 24/7 365 days a year
  * Reduced infrastructure resource provisioning time from days to minutes

AWS WAF Implementation
  * Increased AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) on AWS Application Load Balancers (ALB) from 0% to 100% in production
  * Innersourced the WAF into a Terragrunt template that is applied across hundreds of AWS ALB's

Compliance Reporting Platform
  * Reduced report creation from one hour to automatically happening in seconds via Python Lambdas
  * Helped secure SOC 2 and SOC 1 compliance as a result of 100% monthly reporting

Golden Amazon Machine Image
  * Used Docker Bench to create a golden Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  * AMI is now the basis of 200+ Kubernetes Nodes
  * AMI has Security Agents Built in to ensure compliance of SOC 2 and 1

Kubernetes Zero Downtime Upgrades
  * Used Kubebench to determine which vulnerabilities existed in current version of Kubernetes cluster
  * Upgraded Kubernetes Cluster version from 1.11 to 1.13 with zero downtime for CVE vulnerability patches

Gater - Gated Check In tool
  * GoLang CLI that enabled smart code coverage check in on 300+ repositories
  * Increased Code coverage from 10-60% on average

ADM - Automation of Repository Creation & Enforcement
  * Created a GoLang CLI to enforce branch protection rules on 300+ repositories
  * Branch protections increased by 51%

  * Terry Foundation Scholar, 2015-2018
  * Texas Space Grant, 2015

 * Led Alpha Lambda Xi to place 2nd out of 1300 internationally for the research project as Executive Vice President
 * Led Fire Drone, a 3-person start-up to semi-finals at SHPE 2017 National Conference Hackathon

Now that you know where to place your LinkedIn info, here are ten tips to make your LinkedIn stand out when the recruiters view it.

1. Take skills assessment

LinkedIn has online tests to aid you in verifying that you have a certain level of proficiency. The tests are free Like free resume scanner, the best part is once you pass the test, it’ll add a badge to your profile. A massive win because whenever a recruiter views your profile, then they’ll be sure to see that you take your professional career seriously enough to take the time to demonstrate it.

Additionally, if you have access to a account, then for every course you complete there, it’ll also show up on your profile. I did this in college for free because many universities and libraries in the U.S. have partnerships with so that you may learn for free! And it made all the difference in getting interviews for internships.

2. Request recommendations

Nothing makes a recruiter view you in a more positive light than seeing co-workers and managers give you outstanding recommendations for your work. Sure, most companies have quarterly or yearly evaluations, but that’s not good for potential recruiters because they’re not able to see those evaluations. So, before you move on from one company, get at least one co-worker to write a recommendation or your boss. Often the co-worker is an easier route as they’ll often request one for themselves, which is an additional win! Writing recommendations for others will demonstrate your writing ability as well as the ability to give praise, which is often a considerable part of working in a corporate environment to keep morale high.

3. Write LinkedIn Posts

Create a post or two per month that share your knowledge and also increases your visibility. No topic in your field of interest is too small, and often the more brief articles describing things that you might take as being too easy are what many beginners struggle to understand. So, don’t think that the audience you’re writing for is only recruiters or other professionals.

4. Comment on LinkedIn posts

Get into the habit of commenting on posts if you’re already giving them a like. Again this will raise your visibility, and if you write a long comment, you’ll also be able to share your professional opinion. Professional opinions are another way to stand out and be seen on LinkedIn. And being seen means more recruiter eyes on your profile, which increases your chances of getting that Hey, I've seen you have these skills, and I'm hiring for x and y job.

5. Select a Professional Profile photo

It is worth the money to have a professional headshot. However, if you’re still an undergraduate, many universities will offer it during the year. So make sure to sign up for it if it is available.

6. Use your Headline for Keywords

Do not only have your current job title in your headline. Instead, use it to share more about what you do. In fact, if you are using free resume scanner to get feedback on missing keywords, you should consider adding those keywords in your headline if you keep seeing the same ones come up. Because that means the job position you’re searching for tends to have a particular base set of skills. Skills that recruiters will be searching for in the LinkedIn recruiters view.

7. Use your Summary for more Keywords

If you’ve already done (6.), it doesn’t hurt to add those exact keywords in your profile summary because it’ll increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the LinkedIn Search Engine. Additionally, use your profile to take control of your professional journey. Share what you’ve done and what you want to learn/grow in. Learning and growing are two vital areas that recruiters look for because it demonstrates that you’re willing to stay sharp.

8. List your Skills for even more Keywords

Again, list the keywords from job descriptions within your relevant skill set if applicable. It’s a surefire way to ensure that if you’ve followed the advice so far, you’ll show up at the top of the search results on LinkedIn whenever a recruiter searches for a skill like DevOps.

9. If you’ve been Published, then share it

On your LinkedIn profile, there’s a section for publications. Make sure to fill it in even if you weren’t the lead on the publication. A publication shows that you’re doing cutting thought work in your field and adds further to your professionalism.

10. Follow Influencers in your Industry

Following influencers is a trick for staying aware of the latest trends and a secret way to grow your network. Don’t just follow the influencers. Comments on their posts and tag them in long articles you’ve written that you think may be applicable. Just one share from an influencer or a comment response from them can drastically change your LinkedIn network. And having a more extensive network will naturally lead to more interactions on your content.


Thank you for reading, and we at Free Resume Scanner hope these tips help you get to where you want to go in your job hunt.